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Brad Jacobs Roar of the Rings day 4 recap

Brad Jacobs Roar of the Rings day 4 recap


WINNIPEG, MB - The Brad Jacobs team beat John Morris 8-6 Wednesday to move to 5-0 and set up a showdown with undefeated Kevin Martin at the 2013 Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings Olympic Curling Trials.

Jacobs made a key double takeout with his first rock of the 10th end, then made a hit for one on his final to stone to run Morris out of rocks and secure the victory.

Jacobs thought the game might go longer than it did.

“It looked like as long as they made all their shots, they were going to get an automatic deuce and we were going to go into an extra,” Jacobs said. “It was nice enough they missed that last freeze and gave us a good opportunity at that double.”

After the double takeout, Jacobs reacted with a fist-pump and a yell to the fans.

“I was pumped up because I kind of owed the guys the double after missing that simple shot for two in that other end,” Jacobs admitted. “I knew that if we made that one (the double), we’d be good.”

Jacobs now faces Martin Thursday at 7:30 p.m. EST.

The winner earns an automatic berth into Sunday’s championship final and a lone win away from a trip to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

Martin moved to 5-0 by crushing John Epping 9-5.

In other Draw 10 games, Jeff Stoughton downed Koe 10-6 and Glenn Howard beat Mike McEwen 6-5.

The women’s teams played two games Wednesday.

Chelsea Carey beat Renee Sonnenberg 6-4, Jennifer Jones beat Stefanie Lawton 8-3, Rachel Homan downed Heather Nedohin 5-3 and Sherry Middaugh edged Val Sweeting in the morning draw.

In evening action, Jones earned a berth to the final after a 7-6 win over Homan.

Carey beat Sweeting 6-4, Nedohin beat Lawton 6-4 and Middaugh downed Sonnenberg 7-6 in 11 ends.

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