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Team Jacobs members were introduced to the sport of curling at a very young age. We were all considered “rink rats”, eager to learn from the family members who introduced us to the sport and never wanting to go home until we were forced to leave. We were all very fortunate to have someone in our lives who participated in national-level competitions and individuals who not only helped us develop our own game, but more importantly acted as inspirations for us to model ourselves around and strive to achieve similar success.

As a team, our experience far exceeds our age. We have set the bar high for ourselves as individuals to be considered the best at our respective positions and as well as for our team to remain as the No. 1 team in the sport of curling.

More attention has been paid to physical fitness in the sport of curling since it became an Olympic medal sport, but our team has introduced a new level of fitness that the sport of curling has never seen. We are no longer “curlers”; we are athletes. Our team firmly believes that being in top physical condition not only helps aid your muscles over the course of a long competition, but, equally important, ensures you are mentally strong until the last rock has been delivered.

At the end of the day we are four young men who are chasing their dreams and beyond any success we achieve for ourselves, our hope is that along the way we inspire others to do the same, whether it is in the sport of curling or anything else

TeamJacobs3 (2)
JacobsBrad (3)

Brad Jacobs

Nicknames: Cups
Date of Birth: June 11,1985
Birthplace: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Resides: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Interests: Fitness, Camping, Boating, Golf, Football, Relaxing
Career: WFG
College/University: Algoma University - B.A. Geography
Years curled: 18 Years

KennedyMarc (3)

Marc Kennedy

Nicknames: Marcus, Kencat
Date of Birth: February 5,1982
Birthplace: St. Albert, Alberta
Resides: St. Albert, Alberta
Interests: Running with my girls, Golf, Yoga
Career: Curling
College/University: University of Alberta - Bachelor of Commerce
Years curled: 31 Years

HarndenEJ (2)

E.J. Harnden

Nicknames: Edge
Date of Birth: April 14,1983
Birthplace: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Resides: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Interests: Weightlifting, Golf, Hockey, Camping
Career: Product Manager - INSTANT Games - Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation
 Algoma University - B.B.A - Specialization in Marketing
Years curled: 22 Years

HarndenRyan (3)

Ryan Harnden

Nicknames: Harns
Date of Birth: June 28,1986
Birthplace: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Resides: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Interests: Weight Training, Golf, Hockey, Camping
Career: Real Estate Appraiser
College/University: Sault College - Business Diploma / UBC- Real Estate Appraisal / Algoma University- Geography
Years curled: 22 Years